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"Wolf Spirit Vision" by Mahara Daniel

"Wolf Spirit Vision" by Mahara Daniel


10x10 print on premium double coated photo paper mounted on foamcore


Wolf speaks of guardianship, loyalty, and the spirit of the wild. Wolf is the true spirit of the wilderness and keeps all things in balance.

The dog star Sirius was known to be the home of the original teachers of humanity in ancient times. Wolf represents Sirius in the Great Star Nation as has been told through generations of Native peoples. The ancient Egyptians too thought of Sirius as the home of the Gods and the Dogan tribe of Africa still consider Sirius to be the place of their ancient origin

Wolf is the pathfinder and bringer of new ideas, with keen senses and the moon as her ally, she taps the depths of secret knowledge and collective wisdom held in our DNA since our origins.

Humans have yet to learn how to live together in a harmonious way that honors the uniqueness and freedom of each of us to choose our path. Wolves understand and embody harmony and self-discipline and they are the true spirit of freedom.

Wolves are now very close to extinction, mirroring people's loss of connection to each other, with their greater selves and the natural world. They are howling to us, 'Time to wake up!'

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