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"White Lions of Isis" by Mahara Daniel

"White Lions of Isis" by Mahara Daniel


Available in a 10x10 print on premium double-coated photo paper mounted on foamcore.


The vision of the white lions came to me after waking up from a dream where I was running in a desert landscape with my two cats. As we were running and playing together, they transformed in to white lions. It was a magnificent moment!

Lions have always represented strength, nobility, courage and leadership. The white lion connects us to a higher leadership in the spiritual planes. Legend has it that about 400 years ago, an ailing African queen was being prayed for by her people. A brilliant star like light landed with a strange humming noise close to where they were in the area known as Timbavaati. They approached the light and a the queen went to greet the being that appeared from it. She disappeared and the light shot up in to the sky.

Ever since, only in that region, white lions have been born and are revered by the local tribesmen. In my vision, Isis is the keeper of the white lion spirit.

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