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"White Horse of Avalon" by Mahara Daniel

"White Horse of Avalon" by Mahara Daniel


24"x 24" two tiered aluminum, showcasing the exquisite detail in this image


The spirit of Avalon and the Celts bursts out of the frame in the form of a magnificent white horse, carrying mystery, magic and beauty. The spirals originate from ancient stone carvings dedicated to the feminine mysteries.

The Celtic culture was steeped in reverence for their horses as shown by the statues and amulets to their goddess Epona. A mystic and shamanic culture, the Celts viewed all life as intertwined and connected at the source, as illustrated by their knot-work designs from which the horse leaps.

Horse as power animal teaches us the profound lesson of being true to Self, no matter the 'bridle' and to live presently and attentively with gratitude toward those with whom we share our lives.

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