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"White Buffalo Vision" by Mahara Daniel

"White Buffalo Vision" by Mahara Daniel


10x10 print on premium double coated photo paper mounted on foamcore


White Buffalo Calf Woman came to the Lakota tribes at a time of famine and spiritual darkness about 2000 years ago bringing the sacred pipe bundle and seven sacred ceremonies. She was the embodiment of the Divine Feminine. There were two hunters that first saw her. One fell to the ground in awe at the sacred vision. The other lusted after her and was turned to dust. She prophesied her return at this time of the shift of ages.

In the sacred story of the Lakota, White Buffalo Calf Woman's last words were, 'Remember: this pipe is very sacred. Respect it and it will take you to the end of the road. The four ages of creation are in me. I will come to see you in every generation cycle. I shall come back to you..'

The sacred woman then took leave of the people, saying: "Toksha ake wacinyanktin ktelo -- I shall see you again."

In my vision, the White Buffalo Calf is now fully grown representing our spiritual maturity and the time for fulfillment of prophecy - the return of wisdom and purity of the Divine Feminine.

Originally created in honor of the Standing Rock Tribe’s fight for their living water.

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