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"So above as Below" by Izzy Ivy

"So above as Below" by Izzy Ivy


49" x 26" Framed original oil on canvas by artist Izzy Ivy


This image was also painted in the amazon, I was doing my first detox on the edge of the rainforest. I have always had a connection with the spiritual and etherical aspects of myself and up until that point had some distaste around what it was to be in a body and some of the natural mechanisms that went with it. Although I had done work around this throughout my life, as I was on a path of bringing back as much of myself into harmony, I could see this was an area that was calling my attention.

The guardian that came through was there to assist me In moments of challenge, but what I created was the honoring of both the physical and the non-physical, expressing the importance of both. The mud, the flowers, the physical naked body, combined with the spirit guide, and more cosmic other-worldly elements.


The chakra colors that emanate from the spirit guide are represented in the flowers of the rainforest that the human form is surrounded by. A rainbow serpent interweaves the two words. In this cropped version of the image, you can’t see it but there are some glyphs on the side, in glowing blue they look like light language, yet in earthy tones they look like indigenous symbols … This is the blending of two worlds, with the message that when we are connected to both, we can really flourish. The name ‘So above as below’ comes from the realms of magic-making, setting out our prayers and desires in motion to the universe through intention and ritual, but also doing what it takes in the physical to tend the metaphorical soil, for the most optimum actualization of its manifestation.

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