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"Medicine Horse Dream" by Mahara Daniel

"Medicine Horse Dream" by Mahara Daniel


10x10 print on premium double coated photo paper mounted on foamcore


Horse calls us to step in to our power, freedom and service. Revered by all cultures, the spirit of truth, beauty, freedom, adventure and collaboration lives through Horse medicine.

In my vision the 13th century Labyrinth symbol from Chartres Cathedral connects to the center of the warrior's shield. A complex code of numerology, the labyrinth alludes to the journey in to our heart of hearts and the spiritual awakening that lies there. The journey requires the courage of a Spiritual Warrior.

For thousands of years Horse has had a unique connection and collaboration with humans. Horse carried us on his back to distant lands, sacrificed his life in battles and pulled our plows.

To the native Americans the horse was a friend and ally in the defense of their lands. They called horses 'God Dogs' which shows the level of reverence and respect they had for the horse. Shamans were often illustrated on the back of a flying horse so they could safely reach the Spirit realms, revealing horse medicine as a potent bridge between human and Divine and the ability to overcome difficult situations.

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