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"Lemurian Dreaming" by Izzy Ivy

"Lemurian Dreaming" by Izzy Ivy


50" x 32.5" framed original oil on canvas by Izzy Ivy


“Tend to your garden and the knowledge of the multi dimensional universe awaits. This piece is inspired from experiencing the power of Mother Nature move through us to heal and nurture when we chose to invite her all knowing embrace. Witnessing the organic yet cosmic connection and watching the petals of our chakras unfold, while our spirit guides gather in the guise of Butterfly blessings. The planets of our solar system draw near with baited breath to see if their Earthy sister has the capacity to inspire alternative ways in which certain beings on her can thrive. More real and sustainable methods of energy renewal which starts with the individual. I have always had a deep connection with the Lemurians,  the ancestors of our ancestors, the bridgers of the physical and non physical, the key holders of the ancient future to inspire a graceful shift, a remembering that we can do it differently this time around …”

I painted this image in the Amazon, it was a lifelong dream to visit these special lands, since I was tiny I had strangely been talking of this place. People asked me what my purpose for going there was, I shared how I wanted to channel the energy of the rainforest.

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