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"Hummingbird Spirit Nectar" by Mahara Daniel

"Hummingbird Spirit Nectar" by Mahara Daniel


10x10 print on premium double-coated photo paper mounted on foamcore.


Hummingbird brings joy, wonder and sweetness to your world. Seeking red flowers, symbolic of love and passion for life, hummingbird will dip in to your heart and extract the nectar of joy and wonder.

Hummmingbird is the only bird that can fly backwards, and have the stamina to be able to fly 2500 miles or more without rest, baffling our scientists and showing us the miracles that are possible when joy and sweetness touch our lives.

Appearing to fight, no one ever gets hurt and it is all in play. So, when hummingbird flies in to your heart and reminds you that life is a play even when it is hard ... relax, smile and remember the sweetness and magic that live in your heart.

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