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"Hathors Dream" by Izzy Ivy

"Hathors Dream" by Izzy Ivy


17" x 25" Framed original oil on canvas by Artist Izzy Ivy


This painting is connected with infinite life force, depicting the etheric tendrils of one’s soul reaching up to the heavens, the wings of your being-ness outstretched, your magical self-activated. Butterfly wings symbolize flight into these new higher realms and the formations that will be gifted there for this phase,


they also highlight the notion of metamorphosis and the process that may be involved. The central eyes accessing visibility from a range of different heights, emphasizing how intuition will guide the way in the moments we are called to release old limiting belief systems that cannot be a part of this initiation.

This image is a part of the new ‘unveiling the Golden Age’ deck and speaks of inner guidance, visionary inspiration, fathoming beyond the mind, enlightenment and connection to life-force energy.

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