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"Harmonic Flight" by Izzy Ivy

"Harmonic Flight" by Izzy Ivy


18x14 Framed original oil on wood by artisit Izzy Ivy


This powerful image represents the reflection of the Divine we see when we deeply look into the eyes of another. When all our armor is dropped and we are fully able to meet this other being in present moment, real-time, with no stories, judgements or insecurities.

It is the universal reflection of seeing the person standing person before us as the gods and goddesses they are and thus reminding us we are what we perceive in others. But also dropping into no-mind in pure essence to breathe and see the world through us seeing them, seeing us, seeing them, the infinite eternal, the soft internal and external allowing of what is.

The name ‘Harmonic Flight’, implies that when we can harmonize our energies with that of another – in any form of relationship we can soar to the sky, guiding each other higher and higher encouraging all that has been weighing us down to drop away.

Key Themes: Seeing the Divine in the eyes of another, relationships with deep bonds, karmic connection, clearing illusory projections, life-changing connection, transmuting dissonance, removing heart armor, being ‘seen’, teamwork.

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