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"Dolphin Song Dreaming" by Mahara Daniel

"Dolphin Song Dreaming" by Mahara Daniel


10x10 print on premium double coated photo paper mounted on foamcore


Not a fish, but a mammal that mysteriously came to live in the Ocean, dolphins have mastered the art of breath, our link to feeling and higher consciousness. This alone gives them a magical quality.

In my vision, Saraswati, Hindu goddess of music and sound plays her joyful song with the dolphins swimming around her. Water carries memory and amplifies sound across great distances. We also spend the first nine months of our existence in water. Breath and sound are connected in the Logos of creation … 'In the beginning was the word/sound'.

When we swim with a Dolphin our heart memory is activated, bringing a deep sense of joy and play.

Is this the deepest memory we all share that has been long buried in a world ruled by the mind and a rigid duality? 

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