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"Butterfly's Holy Kiss" by Mahara Daniel

"Butterfly's Holy Kiss" by Mahara Daniel


10x10 print on premium double coated photo paper mounted on foamcore


Butterfly reflects our transformation in to the astounding beauty and lightness of our Divine nature!

We have walked the Earth in limited consciousness, aware mostly of a need to survive, as the caterpillar apparently lives only for food ... Until the day it is compelled to do something completely different and wrap itself in a cocoon.

Inside this cocoon all formerly perceived reality dissolves in to a black 'goo' of no-thingness. Here you will confront your fear, despair, grief, anger and might believe you are going insane in the moments before all remnants of the old 'caterpillar' self dissolve.

And then ... by grace, the imaginal cells magically appear. Imaginal magic! These cells literally 'imagine' out of the zero point of nature's Divine wisdom, the extraordinary beauty of 'Butterfly' and innocence of an infant child.

Our call to awaken our inner imaginal cells and imagine our 're-membering' of our Divine essence of beauty, innocence, lightness and freedom to thrive among the flowers of our Creator's garden.

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