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"Ancient Memory" by Mahara Daniel

"Ancient Memory" by Mahara Daniel


Available in a 10x10 print on premium double-coated photo paper mounted on foamcore.


Black panther calls us to reclaim our true power, the fierce love of the resurrected feminine essence. Ancient and lost wisdom beckons through penetrating eyes, calling us to our inner vision and knowing.

In an ancient time, the black panther was integral to the ancient teachings of the goddess Isis of Egyptian lore, represented in my vision by the pyramids and the Eye of Horus, symbol of the third eye, floating above them.

With Black Panther as your ally, you have protection and find strength in aloneness – all-oneness. It is time to align with your destiny, quietly and with intense focus … just as she hunts her prey, with all distractions falling away.

Black Panther medicine will take you on a journey into the shadows of your un-resurrected Self and gives you the strength to meet your darkness with courage and love. Here we remember the lost fragments of our soul's blueprint and become whole again in beauty, truth, and freedom. 

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