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Sarah Pauli

Made with love in Sedona, Arizona, these one-of-a-kind and small batch designs are made with high quality gemstones and components that are often available only in small quantities, so there are just a few of your favorite adornments ever made.

The pieces are imbued with my clear intention of harmony, health and abundance and they are grounded in the beautiful and ancient energy of Sedona.

The juxtapositions in nature influence my designs. Having grown up in Alaska, with extreme and subtle contrasts in the terrain and light, I am attracted to using both delicate, watery qualities and earthy, more bold moods in my work.

Color is important to me. I believe that color is healing. There is energy in wearing color or experiencing color while gazing at a pink sky, or a painting. When I lived in Mexico, I was in heaven with the intrinsic use of color in the culture. The colors nature provides in stones is so exciting and, along with their vibrational qualities, I believe stones’ colors nourish the soul.

A quality that sets my work apart is that I design my pieces to be wearable, light and to move with the body in a way that feels poetic and feminine. By using the pretty chains and hanging stones, I highlight the sweetness of the female form. The curve of the clavicle, the quiet beauty of the neck and shoulders… these sensuous qualities paired with one’s unique inner glow is a gift to behold, no matter the age.

And one of my goals is to inspire in the wearer, through the joy of adornment, that she is invoking her inner beauty and luminosity.

Showcase of Work

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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