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Bryn McLeod

Bryn is a Christian, a husband, and a Sedona-based artist.

He paints fine art watercolors in a rare Impressionistic manner.

This unique approach focuses on:

  • a loose artistic style capturing the immediate moment

  • fresh color

  • an emotional response to the subject matter

Watercolor is as close to pure emotion as one can get in painting.

The artist must fully focus on the present moment due to the

immediacy of the painting process and quick drying time of water

(unlike oil and even acrylic). This increases the emotional aspect of

the painting process and is the reason for watercolor's well earned

reputation as the most difficult medium in painting. The impressions

of color and light unite in the immediacy of watercolor in order to

capture the luminosity of each fleeting moment.

Bryn accepts these challenges to produce art that is personal and distinct to each viewer.

Showcase of Work

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