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Welcome to Sacred Spirit Event Center and Studio, we look forward to working with you in creating a beautiful, fun, safe, and magical space to host your services.

Our mission is to create space and opportunity for artists and practitioners with goals to uplift, create healing containers, transformation of mind and body, spirit work for humanity and our community.  Allowing practitioners to grow and expand their gifts and business endeavors with a safe, spiritually nurturing, clean, and modern space to do it in.

Our building offers two spaces, the Studio and the Event Center. The Studio is 308 sq ft and the Event Center is 780 sq ft. The spaces are rented by the hour, with half day or full day rental options. 

All Instructors and Facilitators are Independent Practitioners.  Organization, setup, cleaning, break down, and student/client issues are 100% the responsibility of the facilitator signing the contract.

Please look over our Calendars to see what dates and times are available

Studio Calendar:

Event Center Calendar:


Please see the Class/Event page to see how we advertise:

Classes/Event Page:


Once a contract is signed and the deposit is paid, the Class/Event gets scheduled on the website.  Then a brief orientation with you can occur either in person or over facetime at the location to view space and go over procedures and policies.




The Studio rate is $35 an hour, On-Going Classes are $30 an hour.*

    Half days (4 Hours) are $140, Full days (8 Hours) are $250.

    Any additional hours added is $35 per hour.

    A refundable Cleaning Fee is applied of $25.


The Event Center rate is $65 an hour, On-Going Classes is $60 an hour.*

    Half days (4 Hours) are $250, Full days (8 Hours) are $400.

    Any additional hours added is $75 per hour.

A refundable Cleaning Fee is applied of $50.


*On-Going Classes = Weekly with a 1(one) month minimum or Monthly with a 3(three) month minimum.


30 mins before and after class time, for set/up and breakdown, are given to the facilitator. Any additional time required or needed will be charged appropriately based off the current hourly room rental rate. 




- An additional refundable $75 fee is applied for food/alcohol catered events.

-This food policy includes the use of cacao.

- Facilitators are responsible for providing their food service and food utensils, either personally or catered. 

- All arrangements are made through the facilitator, Sacred Spirit Event Center does not supply caterers to Independent Contractors events or classes. 

-No food, opened or unopened, is left behind. 

-The facilitator takes 100% responsibility in full cleanup of the event and food disposal in trash bags and taken out to their appropriate trash dumpster outside near the parking lot.

-To receive the full $75 refund, no room decor, including the floor and rugs, must have any food spilled or stained on its surface, and all food, utensils, and trash must be properly disposed of.




Alcohol is by approval of owner or management only.  If alcohol is served without owner or management consent via contract, the event will be terminated immediately, the $75 fee becomes nonrefundable, and the facilitator and company will not be allowed to book any future events with Sacred Spirit Event Center.


Guidelines when approved for Alcohol use:


Wines are the only alcohol allowed at events. Beer and hard liquor are prohibited.


A designated person over the age of 21 must be assigned to open and distribute alcohol.  Alcohol can only be issued to adults of 21 of age or over, no exceptions. ID check required and strongly encouraged.


All alcoholic beverages must be consumed within the area in which it is served. No containers, either open or closed, may leave the building.


The designated person providing the alcohol has to monitor the amount given to each person and takes full responsibility for their guests, both during and after the event. Obviously intoxicated guests can not be served alcohol.


Drinking games or other activities which encourage the rapid consumption or the consumption of large amounts of alcohol are prohibited.



Checking in and Checking out:

-Use Keycode to Enter and Exit, this will be given to you in email.

-Leave the studio as you found it. This includes putting away any rental equipment used, the room decor and art being displayed in its original setting, and removal of all the facilitators equipment and signage.

-When exiting, turn off AC/Heat and all lights when complete.

-​During and after the class or event, removal of all trash is required. Trash bags may be provided, and all trash goes outside to the appropriate dumpsters out in the parking lot.​

-Please sweep, dust mop, and Swiffer (wet Swiffer if possible) the floors after your class/event.  These items may be provided for you in the storage closet.

-​Notify management or owner of any issues with pests.

-A Checkout list will be provided in each space.




The parking lot has 36 parking spaces and is first come first serve. Outdoor fountain and seating area are available.

There are 2 paired bathrooms to use, all practitioners will receive restroom access code for their Class/Event. 

We ask that you show consideration for the entire studio spaces, both outside and inside. This includes the patio furniture and plants, all art, jewelry, sacred gifts, the walls, doors, windows, bathrooms, all room decor and rental equipment.


You are 100% responsible for what happens during your Class/ Event. You have the discretion to remove anyone from the class for displaying any behavior that is disruptive or inappropriate.​

Do not affix anything to the doors, windows, or walls without the owner or managers approval.


Do not drag tables, chairs, or any kind of equipment across the floor.

Water and tea are allowed in the spaces. All other beverages, including cacao and alcohol, need approval from the owner or manager.


Food only permitted with approval from owner or manager for select events, including catered events. An additional refundable cleanup fee applies.​​

No animals, except for service animals inside the spaces. All other animals outside must be kept on leash.

Sacred Spirit Gallery & Event Center is a smoke and drug-free space. Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the building, including outside in the covered walkway.

No outside alcohol is allowed on premises. Special permission by the owner or manager can be granted with a contract to cater alcohol at events.


Fire is not allowed in the studio. Contained candles are allowed and must be monitored at all times. Smudge ash is to be disposed of in our metal Ash bucket. Ash is not to be emptied into the trash cans.




There are no refunds.  50% of the deposit is non-refundable. Rental deposit and contract required to secure your event. If your class or event is canceled, the nonrefundable 50% deposit can go towards rescheduling.​ Rescheduling needs to occur within 6 months of original event date. Allow 5-10 business days to receive the refundable part of the facilitators money back. This can be refunded by Square if a credit card was issued, a business cash exchange app or check. No cash is deposited out for refunds.




We will promote your class or event with your e-flyer on our site and social media, and display at the gallery and local bulletin boards. (1/2-page flyers can be given to us to hand out)


Promotional help:


If you'd like us to market your Class/Event /Small Gathering and create a flyer, $50 will be added to your total rental cost. No refunds will be distributed. All information and description with a photo or photos must be given to us by the facilitator.


​​This contract for space rental is made on this day _____________________________ between

___________________________________________________ and Sacred Spirit Gallery LLC at 431 AZ-179 A7 Sedona, AZ 86336.


Name: __________________________________________________________________

Business Name: __________________________________________________________

Email: __________________________________________________________________

Website: ________________________________________________________________


Class / Event Name: ______________________________________________________

Class / Event Date(s): _____________________________________________________

Class Time: _______________________ 

(30mins before and after class time, for set/up and breakdown, are given to the facilitator)

Space Being Rented: __________________ Number of attendees Expected: _________ 

Description: _____________________________________________________________






Please Provide your Pre-pay - Event link here: _________________________________


Rental Space Cost: _________________

Additional add-ons:          ________    Description: _______________________________

Refundable Cleaning Fee:      ________ 

Refundable Food/Alcohol Fee: ________ 

Discount: $__________________

Total Due Today: $__________________


Total Refundable fees back to facilitator after event checkout: $__________________


Payment Methods:  


  1. Credit Card*  (*Charge will include current processing fee)

                Name on Card ___________________________   Exp _____/_____

                Card Number ____________________________   CVV_______  ZIP ___________

                Refunds will be given back on Credit Card within 3-5 business days from event.


⬜  All participants will sign Sacred Spirits Insurance Waiver.

⬜  I agree to the Space Rental policies and procedures to ensure everyone's safety and keeping Sacred Spirit Gallery and Event Center a well-maintained and safe location for future use.


Signature X _____________________________________________________

Date: _________________



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